At John Anderson Pharmacy, we have always understood that it takes a community to raise a family…. and our family is here to support your family into the next generation.  We know your family history and we know your health needs; we know you. And that matters.  Better health management starts with understanding your past as we understand our own family’s past.  We are there for everyone with questions. We listen.


For the past nearly four decades we have been here for all generations who have trusted us with questions about their medication, and for the health concerns of both the young and old looking after their wellbeing.


We are here for mums who need advice, and for families who need everyday care.  We are there at all times understanding, sharing and listening to your needs and providing solutions for your family’s health.


We have the knowledge and experience to assist you to maintain your health and we are here to listen.


Our pharmacists and team will empathise, communicate, listen and advise.  They are motivated and trained to provide the right medication for everyone.


Our trained pharmacy assistants are there to assist you with your health and beauty questions and likewise they will listen and advise whatever your needs may be.


At John Anderson Amcal Pharmacy we listen, we care, we know. 

Make John Anderson Amcal Pharmacy your home for health and wellbeing.

310 - 312 Wyndham Street, Shepparton VIC 3630

T 03 58 212 596

F 03 58 212 252



Monday - Thursday   9:00am - 5:30pm

Friday                           9:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday                      9:00am - 1:00pm

Sunday                         CLOSED

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